1. Why do I have to ‘register’ in the Quantum Loyalty Program to be eligible to earn Quantum points?

You must register so we can officially approve your participation in the Quantum Loyalty Program. 

It is essential that we capture all of your relevant information so we can properly credit you with Quantum points for your performance, contact you when necessary, and advise you of all the exciting features and benefits you can derive from your participation in the Quantum Loyalty program.

2. Who can I contact if I need help with the ‘registration’ process on the website?

You can contact the Quantum Loyalty Customer Service for assistance at


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1.  How do I earn points?   

Points are accumulated by your individual performance for the Quantum group throughout the year starting January 1st. The more you sell, the more we reward you for your efforts. 1$ of sales = 1 point. Unless otherwise specified for certain targeted promotions.


2.  Why are points: 

a) Not redeemable for cash?

The Quantum Loyalty Program is designed to reward you for your participation, support and performance. It is our way of saying “Thank you”. It is not intended to “pay you” for your performance, therefore, the points do not have any cash value.

b) Not transferable?

Points are not transferable, simply because awarding you with points is our way of saying “Thank you” for your efforts and support in our business relationship. The program is not intended to thank anyone other than you personally; therefore, points are not transferable for this reason.

c) Subject to verification?

Points are subject to verification because periodically there may be problems uncovered regarding points, such as: discrepancies, data problems created by technical glitches, miss-assigned points, lost points, etc. that requires review and confirmation of the validity and accuracy of the points assigned.

3. Can I use a combination of points and credit card to buy something in the catalogue? 

A combination of money and points can be used to purchase items.


4. How do I purchase/pay for rewards on the Quantum Loyalty site?
There are 3 “payment options”:

1. Payment – Points ONLY: 

If using points only to purchase, process the order as you would any other order. Your points will be deducted and your item shipped.


2. Payment – Credit Card ONLY:

You have the option to pay for a gift in full by credit card only. Simply add the item to your shopping cart on the Quantum Loyalty site. Once completed, proceed to checkout, provide your credit card information and continue the checkout process. Once completed your credit card will be processed.


3. Payment – Combination of Points and Credit Card:
If you want to use a combination of points and credit card, please follow the procedure described:

  1. Add the item to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart, adjust the points you would like to allocate by moving the slider in the ‘SPLIT YOUR PAYMENT’ section at the bottom of the page. Once completed, proceed to checkout, provide your credit card information and continue the checkout process. Once completed, your points redeemed will be deducted from your Quantum account and your credit card will be processed.

 5. What if I change my mind about my purchase?

Please order carefully. The “no-refund” policy applies to products and merchandise items regardless of type of payment. Points will not be reimbursed and credit cards will not be credited unless the product arrives damaged (see policy regarding damaged items).


6.  How can I find out how many points I have?  

You can determine your points 24/7 by simply visiting your account at the following website:


7. Can I share points with someone else in the program? 

Points are awarded based on your personal efforts and performance; therefore, they are assigned only for your use. Accordingly, they cannot be transferred nor shared with anyone else.


8.  How long will it take to have my points added to my account? 

It will take approximately fifteen (15) business days after month-end in which your points were earned to have them added to your account. First, they have to be tabulated, and then verified, before adding to your account.


9.  Will my points ever expire? 

Yes, the program runs over a 12 month period. We expire points February 15th for the prior year to give ample time for gift redemption after the December points are uploaded.


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1. How can I find out about what rewards are offered in the program?  

You can review the rewards that are offered by going to the website at First select “BROWSE SITE”, then select the “REWARDS” section of the website to review what is available.


2. How do I redeem my points for rewards? 

Simply go into the “REWARDS” section of the website, select what you qualify for (make sure you have sufficient points), add to the “shopping cart”, send, and then we look after everything else. Your reward(s) will be delivered directly to the address you specify.


3. Will I be notified if my reward is not available? 

You will be contacted if your reward(s) selection is not available. You will then have the option of waiting until your selection is available (assuming it is out-of-stock, and will eventually become available), or changing your order to select an alternative reward, or canceling your order so you can use your points at another time.


4. If I order a reward and change my mind after it is delivered, can I return it?  

Please order carefully, because you cannot return your reward once it has been delivered. Once it has been delivered and the package opened, it is considered a “used item”, therefore, manufacturers will normally not allow it to be returned. 

On rare occasions, manufacturers may allow returns, however, because the reward has been opened and is now considered “used”, there can be a significant “re-stocking fee” of 40% to 50% of the value of the reward/points. In these situations, the re-stocking fee is charged to the participant who ordered the reward. This is why it is very important to order carefully.


5. If I receive a reward and it is damaged or defective, what is the procedure to return/replace it? 

When you receive your package, we ask that you examine it closely before opening the factory sealed product packaging.

If the reward is damaged or defective upon receipt, please contact for instructions regarding how to return your reward. Important! Returns must be “authorized” first, before returning – no exceptions.

Authorized returns must be sent in their original condition, which means you must return in the original packaging, with all warranty information, operating/usage instructions, manuals and all other items or accessories provided by the manufacturer.

6. What do I do if I receive the wrong item?  

If the wrong item was shipped, please let us know by emailing  for instructions regarding how to return the item. You will then be shipped the correct item.


7. Where can my reward be shipped?  

Rewards can only be delivered to an address in Canada. Rewards will be delivered by courier and will require a signature to confirm receipt – a signature is mandatory for delivery. Therefore, when ordering please provide a delivery address where a signature can be provided. Please note – rewards cannot be delivered to a Post Office Box or Rural Route address.


8. Are the rewards I redeem considered taxable benefits?  

Rewards that are earned through the Quantum Loyalty program may be considered to be a form of ‘income’, according to the Canada Revenue Agency. Therefore, if considered to be income, they are considered a taxable benefit. Any personal federal and/or provincial income tax liability arising from the receipt of rewards is the responsibility of the participant. You may wish to check with your accountant regarding tax implications.



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1.  How do I find out about special offers or promotions offered through the program?

We encourage you to visit the website on a regular basis, to check for exciting new rewards, special promotions, special offers, etc.  
Note! Please make sure to update your email address and contact information if anything changes, to ensure you receive news about these exciting offers as they occur.


2.  Where and how do I change my address, email and contact information?

You can change your address, email and contact information online by visiting Open your account and click on the "Account" link at the top of the page. You will be directed to a new screen where you can complete the changes.


3.  What do I need to do if I forget my password?

At the log in screen, click on the link "Forgot my Password". You will be prompted to enter your unique UserID and the system will send you your password to the email address specified in your contact information. Note – your UserID is your email address.